Colorless green ideas
My name is Sylwia, but you can call me Mizu (it's because of my last name, not because I like water...).

I live in Poland. Warsaw, to be precise.
I love cute fluffy stuff and rock music.
I'm quite sporty. But only when the weather is nice.
I love travelling. I can be easily packed into a suitcase and taken with you to your country.
I'm keen on art. I draw and photograph.

I'm interested in many things, so there is a high chance that we have something in common!

my photography
my art
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Miike Snow - Silvia (by MiikeSnowVEVO)

Finally a song about me! XD There were songs about Ruby, Juliette, Kelly, Jenny but none about Sylvia. And finally somebody appreciated this name enough to put it in a song :D

My friend published that on my Facebook wall. I don’t know how she finds such videos… it’s a weird one.

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