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My name is Sylwia, but you can call me Mizu (it's because of my last name, not because I like water...).

I live in Poland. Warsaw, to be precise.
I love cute fluffy stuff and rock music.
I'm quite sporty. But only when the weather is nice.
I love travelling. I can be easily packed into a suitcase and taken with you to your country.
I'm keen on art. I draw and photograph.

I'm interested in many things, so there is a high chance that we have something in common!

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I seriously love pop-art!


I seriously love pop-art!

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Yayayayaayayayayayay. This is epic, it’s obvious that they were having SO MUCH FUN doing the part in the black and white room. They were fooling around, even though lyrics aren’t that carefree! XD

My favourite moments (love the HQ! or maybe it’s MQ? whatever, I saw enough!):

Nino doing this… thing while Ohno sings “upside doooown”…

Aiba tying his shoelaces while singing about poker face…

Ohno and Aiba obviously having fun singing “LIAR LIAR” and Sho fooling around together with them…

Ohmiya moment when they sing “kimi wa dare no ka?” (who are you?)!…

And… oh God, what does Aiba have on his head in 02:14? XD And then… OHNO! He’s making fun of those beats! He does “haato bito”…


Aiba looks like he’s crazy in his “escape” part…

Ohnoooo… since when do you do a Chinese dragon with your hands while telling somebody BYE BYE?…

Aiba looks like he has to pee. XD

And what are the steps that Jun does in his very last appearance in the mirror room? XD

It seems that they always get all hyper and crazy when they are put together in small rooms :D

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KYAAAA! *fangirl mode on*

Loooove the dance! After I saw the preview, I thought it was going to be a dull song with a dull PV, but now it’s sooo much better! And I love Jun’s hair, he looks like he’s 18 again! :D Well, almost. But yay, he has such a hot… personality now. XD

Also “IT’S LIKE A SUPERNOVA NEXT TO THE DOOR” is my new life motto! Whatever it means. I trust you, Sho-sama! :D


I’ll just crack up…

See you at the mental hospital XD

I haven’t seen anything either, aaaa! Gotta go to livejournal and aaaaah I can’t handle it already XD

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