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My name is Sylwia, but you can call me Mizu (it's because of my last name, not because I like water...).

I live in Poland. Warsaw, to be precise.
I love cute fluffy stuff and rock music.
I'm quite sporty. But only when the weather is nice.
I love travelling. I can be easily packed into a suitcase and taken with you to your country.
I'm keen on art. I draw and photograph.

I'm interested in many things, so there is a high chance that we have something in common!

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Dawid Podsiadło at Juwenalia.

Dawid Podsiadło at Juwenalia.

I don’t want to see these days come!







if youre having a bad day just watch this

i bet they’re best friends now

what did I just watch

this is so great

Sometimes I just love humans. 


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I was expecting Who Let the Dogs Out or something like that but oh my god this is so much better.

This is more amusing than it should be.

Wow, so pugs can run???

Nice piece of music though, and the well-known classical theme makes it entertaining. Maybe it’s even the original composition, but I’m kind of an ignorant when it comes to classical music, so I dunno. But I enjoy it.

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The Unicorns
I Was Born (A Unicorn)
Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone?
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If I was a guy, I’d totally make bad jokes with this song…

"Hey babe, check out this song… Cause I was born a unicorn… Wanna check out my magical horn?" Or something.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Carol of the Bells
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Carol of the Bells

And I can hear my high school English teacher singing “God bless ye Merry Gentlemen let nothing you dismaaaay” in that incredibly high pitched voice. 

It’s a great one though, I’d definitely love to party to this sweet tune on a Christmas Eve.

→Linkin Park & Gangnam Style Mashup

After the first 30 seconds it actually starts being really well synced! Can’t tell these were 2 separate songs.

I can’t help thinking of the Tesla coil cover when listening to this. Great song, too.

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18 & 23!


18: A song from the year that you were born:

"Cherub Rock" by The Smashing Pumpkins is a really cool song, I especially love the chunky guitar throughout this album. Also, the drummer is flawless in his execution

23: A song that you think everybody should listen to:

Hoo, this is tough. Because there are so many types of songs, and what people need to hear is different, depending on their experiences. I’d like to say some song with an ultra-complex meaning, or some great over-arching theme, but to be frank, I feel that the song would be lost on too many people. So instead, I think that sticking with a more agreeable theme, and a basic and catchy tone would be better.
"Hey Jude" by The Beatles is a song that everyone should be humming, and thinking their happy thoughts to. The song is therapeutic.

Yay. Yeah, Hey Jude is nice. Well, pretty much any Beatles song is therapeutic, it’s just the way they did music :D Even when they sing about sad things, when you don’t understand the lyrics, you will think it’s a positive song. True story.

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MUSIC ASKS these are actually pretty hard but why not.

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No idea why they are not more popular than they are.

The movie was great, too.

System Of A Down
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Me gusta System of a Down. :D

Posting this because I hope this song will finally bring the thunders here. The storm has been gathering strength all day and it doesn’t want to happen.

Jack White
Love Is Blindness
The Great Gatsby (Deluxe Edition)
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My favorite songs from the Great Gatsby movie.

Another one - by Jack White. I like both him and Jack Black, too bad the latter is not included in this soundtrack.

Fergie, Q-Tip & GoonRock
A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got)
The Great Gatsby (Deluxe Edition)
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My favorite songs from The Great Gatsby movie.

This kept playing in my head when I was trying to study XD “No, brain, it’s not time for partying now!”

I don’t go clubbing, but if I did, this is what I would like to dance to.