Colorless green ideas
My name is Sylwia, but you can call me Mizu (it's because of my last name, not because I like water...).

I live in Poland. Warsaw, to be precise.
I love cute fluffy stuff and rock music.
I'm quite sporty. But only when the weather is nice.
I love travelling. I can be easily packed into a suitcase and taken with you to your country.
I'm keen on art. I draw and photograph.

I'm interested in many things, so there is a high chance that we have something in common!

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Polish Nyan Cat with polish music :D (by Monitkowa)


→I love Polish: Studniówka


January is especially important for all polish high school final year students. One hundred days before matura - the leaving exam, occurs great ball called Studniówka (sto dni = 100 days).

Studniówka is usually organised by parents of senior year’s students. The choice of venue depends on…

Mine is today. Ahh, I’m so stressed and thrilled at the same time!

Raz, dwa, trzy, STOJEEE! Pauza… Zwrot!


(Próba poloneza. Popłakałam się ze śmiechu…)